Animal Herding

The Game

Animal Herding is a stressful multitasking game where you require quick thinking and quick reflexes in an attempt to both keep animals from escaping and put up a new fence to finish the level.


The Story

The story is about a desperate farmer who wakes up and is shocked to see all his fences in ruins. He quickly realizes that there is no time to be sit around or else all the animals will escape. Along the way his struggles escalate as foxes start hunting his chickens, hedgehogs complicate herding and cats just creating all kinds of mayhem. And left is also the question "Who or what has destroyed all the fences?".



  • A total of 5 different animals including chickens, foxes, hedgehogs, moles and cats. Each animal comes with new mechanics that you need to handle and a boss version of each animal for that extra hard challenge.
  • 40 story levels telling the story of the unfortunate farmer trying to fix his fences. Fight 5 boss battles trying to stop you from reaching your goal. Quickly sort deliveries of new animals as there is no time to waste.
  • 5 chapters full of challenges for those who wants greater challenges and 6 extra hard boss battles to test if you truly are more boss than them.
  • See how far you can get in an ever escalating endless mode of herding animals in any of the 3 different variations of endless herding.


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